Local Coffee Shops Offering Pickup In Katy, TX

Most people love to start their mornings off with a cup (or two) of coffee. Brewing the same beans over and over again can be tiresome though. Spice up your morning brew with these coffee shops that offer takeout services, so you can enjoy them at your apartment in Katy, TX. 

Minuti Coffee 

Minuti Coffee is proud to be a one hundred percent American company that sells one hundred percent Italian coffee. You can even have a steaming brew delivered right to your door with DoorDash or UberEats! Be sure to come back for lunch later!

Serene Beans

Everyone needs a bit of serenity in their lives, and there’s no better spot than Serene Beans. Owner Karen Howard wanted to create a place of peace for her customers to enjoy a cozy cup of coffee and quiet conversation, but you can always take a cup to go to sip peacefully at Augusta Woods.

Legends Coffee and Cafe 

If you aren't sure what you are looking for, you should check out Legends Coffee and Cafe. They offer coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts, making it the perfect place to spend some time. However, you can also just pop in to grab a cup of coffee to go! 

If you are looking for a local coffee shop to take care of your morning fix, there are many choices near your apartment in Katy, TX. Minuti Coffee, Serene Beans, and Legends Coffee and Cafe all offer pickup so you can just grab what you want and be on your way!  

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