Enjoy a Classic Cinematic Experience at Showboat Drive-in

Treat yourself to a classic cinematic experience and pay the Showboat Drive-in a visit! Located just 20 minutes away from our apartments in Katy, attendees can pull up in the comfort of their vehicle and catch the latest flicks. 

About The Showboat Drive-in

The Showboat Drive-in is a popular drive-in movie theater that has been servicing the area for many years. Armed with plenty of parking and a robust concession stand, you can comfortably enjoy a movie from the best seat in the house—your car! Simply drive up to the theater and buy your tickets (or reserve them online), find a parking spot, tune your radio to the correct station, and you're ready to enjoy the show. If you're nervous about your vehicle's battery being in use for the duration of the movie, the concession stand offers portable radios to bring into your car.

What Movies Are Playing?

Typically, The Showboat Drive-in will offer a double feature starting at 7:30 p.m. showing popular new movies and classics from years ago. Movie genres include many of the same that a normal movie theater does, including sci-fi, fantasy, family-friendly, and more. Keep an eye on the Now Playing/Order Tickets page to snag a spot for a movie (or two!) you may be interested in.

If you feel like having a unique movie experience, be sure to check out The Showboat Drive-in. Consider grabbing a cup of coffee from one of these local coffee shops to help you power through the double-feature showings. Interested in our apartments in Katy? Contact us today.
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