Check Out These Writing Courses & Resources

Whether you’re looking to start a creative writing project or need to hone in on skills while working from home at Seville at Clay Crossing, there are several online writing courses to try out. Here are a few you can check out from the comfort of our apartments in Katy, Texas.

Writing EdX

This program focuses on basic tips to help students write for the better. Whether it be sentence structure, syntax, or grammar, these tools are academically driven and will help you finish that novel or research paper you may be working on. If you find yourself wanting to pursue extra education, this online course is a great place to start.

Effective Writing Practices

This tutorial is available for reviewing some mistakes a writer or student might make in English grammar or other writing styles. Northern Illinois University has given resources on MLA and APA formatting and stresses the importance of self-paced writing for an online class. Although it’s not a comprehensive tutorial, it can be a good stepping stone to launch your learning journey. 

Yale Writing Center Tutorials

Yale offers helpful classes that aim to fix specific and common problems writers deal with. Their writing center is full of great resources that answer a variety of academic questions.

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